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Our Story


In the breathtaking landscapes of Puglia, a tale of our family's enduring passion unfolds. It all began way back in 1885, when our great-grandfather, Vincenzo, had a brilliant idea – he planted the very first olive tree. Picture this: as the sun painted the sky with hues of amber and gold, the women who lived and worked in our Masseria would wake up and sing to the olive trees. It was the most magical way to start the day.

Their boundless energy and love for the land have been a part of our family for four generations. Even though we've embraced modern ways to harvest the olive trees, our traditions remain strong. Our olive harvest still begins at the break of dawn, just as the sun peeks over the horizon.

With great care, we ensure that these precious olives never touch the ground, preserving their pure, vibrant essence. Within a mere five hours of being picked, they make their way to our mill, where they transform into our liquid gold – our remarkable olive oil.

Our connection to this land, these olive trees, and our family's storied traditions runs deep. If you're enchanted by the romance of olive oil-making and the heart that has defined our family for generations, we'd be thrilled if you came to visit us. Step into our world, experience the enchantment of Puglia, and let the legacy of our family and olive oil inspire your own journey. We can't wait to share our story with you!





At Cantasole we select our top evoos to bottle an excellent product. Thanks to this determination, in the last years we won several awards such as: NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition, Slow Food and Gambero Rosso. This is the result of bravery, skill and obsessive attention to details. Every stage of the process, from harvest to bottle, reflects
our goal to produce one of the world’s best olive oil. 




Our mill it’s environmentally friendly thanks to the first innovative 100% no waste system.
Here, the waste created during the olive pressing process is reused as a fuel to run the mill. Therefore, this is a circular production which reuses all the resources that an olive has to offer. It’s a real revolution for olive oil production worldwide and we’re proud to be among the pioneers.



Our extra virgin olive oil holds
three claims of health and quality.
We've always known that our evoo was extra good for the palate; now we also know that Cantasole is extra good for the whole body too. The chemical analysis of our extra virgin olive oil consistently shows that Cantasole has 3 important properties: it contains Biophenols, it’s rich of fatty acids and it’s a natural source of Vitamin E. In other words, it’s SUPER healthy. It is highly recommended for a healthy and natural lifestyle. We’re very proud of these results, which confirm once again that hard work and true passion lead to high quality products.


Here, you can find a collection of articles, reviews, and features that highlight CANTASOLE in the media. We are grateful for the recognition and excited to share these stories with you.

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