Our Story

Ciao, we are the De Marco Family. We are olive oil producers since 1885, but most of all we are extra virgin olive oil lovers.

In the beautiful Mediterranean landscape of Salento, by the sea, our great grand father, Vincenzo De Marco planted the first olive tree in 1885. At that time, the women living and working on our land, used to wake up and sing to the olive trees at sunrise. Thanks to their energy, our olives have been cultivated and harvested in a joyful environment that we have worked hard to maintain for four generations. Nowadays, the harvest has been mechanized but it still starts very early in the morning, with the rising sun. With our method, we make sure the olives never touch the ground, and are happily taken to the mill to become olive oil immediately, within 5 hours of collection. If you want to know more about us and our family's passion for olive oil, you'll definitely want to come visit us.




Our environmentally friendly olive mill has absolutely no negative impact on the planet, thanks to the first innovative 100% no waste system.
The mill is a key step to always improve the quality of our extra virgin olive oil. We are so proud of our mill, because it is the first zero-waste olive press in the world. We owe this brilliant invention to Giovanni Cassese (Mioolio), who found a way to run the mill 100% on green electricity produced from wastes created during the olive pressing process. Therefore, this is a circular production reusing all the resources that an olive has to offer. It’s a real revolution for olive oil production worldwide and we’re proud to be among such pioneers.



Our extra virgin olive oil holds
three claims of health and quality.
We've always known that our evoo was extra good for the palate; now we also know that Cantasole is extra good for the whole body too. Every year, the chemical analysis of our extra virgin olive oil consistently shows that Cantasole has 3 important properties: it contains biophenols, it’s rich of fatty acids and it’s a natural source of Vitamine E. In other words, it’s SUPER healthy. It is highly recommended for a healthy and natural lifestyle. We’re very proud of these results, which confirm once again that hard work and true passion lead to high quality products.