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Baguette or another hard crust bread

10-15 ripe cherry tomatoes

2 cloves of garlic


8-10 basil leaves

Cantasole extra virgin olive oil 


1. Cut the bread into large slices. Toast them in the oven or toaster.

2. Meanwhile, prepare the tomato mix: cut the tomatoes into small cubes, and place them in a bowl. Wash and chop the basil leaves and add them to the bowl. Season with salt and CANTASOLE extra virgin olive oil.

3. Rub each slice of toasted bread with garlic. Place the slices on a serving plate. With a spoon, spread the tomatoes on the bread. As simple as that it will taste absolutely fantastic.


– There are different varieties of tomatoes and each one is special. Cherry tomatoes are the best for bruschetta, however usually they can be replaced with large tomatoes. The advised quantity for 4 bruschette is 4 large, firm and ripe tomatoes.

– If fresh basil is not easy to find, arugula can be a great replacement. Wash and chop some arugula and set aside for final garnish. Add the arugula on top of the tomatoes to serve.

– Last but not least…if you have extra time, leave the tomato mix for 10 min in the fridge before serving your bruschetta. That way the ingredients will have the time to blend even better. You will taste the difference.