Extra Virgin Olive Oil


olivewood handmade coaster & 0,5L extra virgin olive oil


Cantasole’s coaster is handmade from olive wood and it promotes a sustainable olive tree pruning process. Pruning is a key process for the wellbeing of an olive tree. This is why, every 5 years, we e give our olive trees a new haircut so they have more air and sun to grow stronger.

With the goal reusing existing materials, we redesign the tree pruning to produce something useful and ecologically responsible in 3 steps:

  1. Once all the branches are on the ground, we collect the olive wood logs and sell them locally for use in chimneys and wood-burning ovens.
  2. The small branches and leaves become renewable organic waste and it is used as biomass fuel. 
  3. The special logs are kept and reused to create the Cantasole’s coaster. Here a local woodworker transforms the existing materials into beautiful and useful olive wood coasters.

This sustainable project aims at making you feel our Mediterranean atmosphere and passion for the olive grove environment. The coaster is ideal to keep your extra virgin olive oil within reach when cooking or to place it directly on the dinner table to share with family and friends.

At Cantasole olive grove, we promote a sustainable pruning 


Cantasole tins are ideal to store away and use to refill your glass bottle