The story of Cantasole family 

Our great grand father, Vincenzo De Marco planted the first olive tree in 1885.
Back then the woman working in the fields were used to live all together in the Masseria, an house in the country side. It was like a little village with the space for the animals, church and even a school for the youngest.
Every morning they would wake up at sunrise to catch the freshest hour of the day to work under the olive trees. Every morning they used to sing to the olive trees and create a joyful environment.

A few years later, his son Nicola took the initiative to plant more olive trees, keeping a good eye for local varieties and respecting the biodiversity of the region. Thanks to him, today we have more than 10.000 olive trees that are hundred- some year old of 2 main varieties: Oliarola and Cellina di Nardò.


In the last 20 years, Fabrizio, with a special passion for olive trees and most of all olive oil, wanted to experiment new varieties and taste all the different perfumes and tastes of olive oil coming from different plants.
Therefore he planted 9 more different varies, among which our favorites: Cima di melfi, Coratina, Peranzana and even Arbequina.

Today, Arianna, the youngest generation of the family, takes all the old heritage and new tradition of the family business, creating a labour of love that we call CANTASOLE.
Our olive oil production brings together the joyful harvest from the end of the XIX century and the new agricultural knowledge full of care for unique products. All of this is combined with an attention for details and design for Cantasole product to bring the Mediterranean atmosphere into your kitchen.

Cantasole is not only full of joy and care for the olive oil production and packaging, but also a special attention to nature and natural resources. We respect natural rotation of our olive trees and try to reuse waste and secondary products of our production for a more sustainable production.
For our family is important to provide the best quality olive oil. This is why, for Cantasole, we select only the top 10% of our all production and every year is a blend of different olives varieties. This year (harvest 2017) we chose Coratina and Cima di melfi to look for a intense green perfume and a mild (but very present) pungency. Cantasole is the special ingredient that will become essential in all your recipes.